Archimmed is a Contract Research Organization dedicated to the preclinical evaluation of medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs.



Why come to us:

  • 20 years of experience in preclinical research.
  • Unique expertise in large in vivo models for healthy organs, vascular, inflammatory and oncologic pathologies.
  • A network of research facilities for interventional and surgical procedures, medical imaging, molecular biology, histopathology, PK study and much more.
  • Quality and Regulatory culture (GLP, ISO-13485 standards, 510(k), CE mark).
  •  R&D projects conducted by Archimmed eligible to Crédit d'Impot Recherche. 


Our offices are located 6 rue de la Terre de Feu, in Les Ulis, 20 km south-west from Paris and 20 min drive from Paris Orly airport.

To contact us :

Location - PCRO


Each year, we are invited and participate in many international congress and symposia (SIR, CIRSE, GEST..).

We will attend GEST in New York in May 2023 and GEST MSK in January 2024.